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Ever since I was a child, I had a passion for design. But, I didn’t quite know what to call it then. Although I was just doodling in kindergarten I began to develop a sense of design that I’ve learned to utilize even today.

Not Just a Designer

I don’t like branding myself a “designer.” Yes, I do design graphics for clients, but I wish to do so much more for my client. By being knowledgable in several industries, I can not only create graphics, but give advice, and provide creative direction. I like to be involved in the company I’m working with so I can create things that will convert into profits, and help grow a thriving company. 

Design is so much more than aesthetic. Designed based companies are not only more successful, they're more respected in their field. Design done right has the ability to drive engineering to create products that are beautiful and functional. 

To me, design is a lifestyle. Design isn't something one tries to implement on a website to look good. Its a coherence that transcends the website, business cards, logo, copy, and products. It all adds professionalism to the business. Consequently, it gains trust from potential customers and ultimately, gets more sales. Design drives sales. 

If you would like achieve true design, let’s work together! With your cooperation, we can create a business identity and product that not only look good, but are perceived well and translate into sales. Email me!