Burgundy Poster


I was sitting in a service one evening and BOOM, the idea randomly popped in my head. I thought, “What if I made a burgundy poster with Ron Burgundy’s mustache?” There it was. I quickly pulled out my phone and typed the idea for safe keeping. When I found some time, I gathered some reference photos of the legend himself and started sketching. I decided to leave out every single element except the two most iconic, his shaggy hair and mustache. By doing this I created an illustration that’s iconic, yet extremely simple and minimalist. 

Minimalistic design is so great because it forces the viewer to piece together the composition. It takes the focus off the illustration itself, and places the focus in the viewers imagination. 

When I was nearly finished with the poster, I actually didn’t like it. The more I looked at it, though, the more I liked it. Thats the thing about minimalism in design, you don’t get tired of the artwork like a multi-colored, high-detailed design. I’ve found that even with my own graphics, I get tired of looking at the same thing, but with the Burgundy poster, the effect is dramatically different because the form is so simple.

I finished the collection by illustrating Brick, Fantana, and Champ. If all goes well, I’ll be running a crowd-funded Kickstarter on kickstarter.com. The Burgundy poster will be 18”x24” and the rest of collection will be 8.5”x11” prints. I’ll also be adding in Burgundy buttons and stickers with every order. 

Watch out for updates on the project!

Preston AtteberyComment