The Time is Now


Time after time I’ve come up with a “grand scheme” or “master plan” but failed to actually do something about it. Nothing against planning, because proper planning is necessary to create a thriving business or a thriving life. But, so often we write out a great plan, or even just think of a great plan and rely on it to do the work for us. It doesn’t go that way. My issue with so many planners, myself included, is that they think up great plans of action yet never execute. What good is that?

So I say, the time is now! The time to achieve your dream, pursue your passion, and make your impact is today. There’s no better time than right this minute. You’ve been given this moment in time, so don’t waste it. Do something with it! Even if its an outrageous goal, you can take a small step today, this minute even. Because the thing is, once you start pursuing you goal, even a small step in the right direction can have huge effects. 

Say I want to become a famous speaker. Just by researching great orators of the past or enrolling in an online speech class, I can progress towards my goal. It will not happen overnight, but you’ve got to start sometime. So why not now?

I have made this decision and its produced great things from just tweaking my mindset a little bit. In fact, because of this change of mind, you’re reading these words. I was preparing files for my 2014 Design Challenge and I came to a roadblock. I wanted to keep you updated on my progress, but I didn’t have a site to post updates to the challenge, so I just decided to make one. Three days later, here it is! No planning, hardly any contemplating. Early in the year I had planned to open a design company under a different name, so I just decided to publish a site now, and if I wanted to change the name later, I could always transition.

The point is, if I had waited to plan this website, or a new company under another name, clients wouldn’t be seeing my work right now, my fans wouldn't be reading these posts, and I wouldn't have an outlet to reach you. This is just my story, so go write yours. Learn when to plan and learn when to just get it done. The time is now!

Your friend, 


Preston AtteberyComment