How to Atlanta


Mostly making fun of myself and my closest friends, enjoy the following instructional guide on How to Atlanta.

  1. Go to trendy barber on Highland - get high-fade haircut 
  2. Ride fixie to Atlantic station - buy H&M clothes
  3. Put on faux leather jacket + maroon skinny jeans
  4. ride fixie to Jackson Street bridge -- take skyline photo (you may have to fight through the twenty other “professional” photographers and their $300 tripods)
  5. ride fixie to Condesa - buy $5 espresso 
  6. take photo of latte with VSCO cam + hashtag #weloveatl 
  7. ride fixie to top of parking deck, smoke a pipe + dream of how one day you’ll own the city
  8. take a picture of that and tell people how much you love the city and how much you love that they love the city
  9. use a minimum of 15 Atlanta inspired hash tags, such as: #weloveatl #fixieatl #whyiloveatl #xposeatl #atl #atlatl #atlatlatl #streetshooteratl #igersatl #thisisrediculousatl #helpmeatl #shoot2killatl #fosteratl #yesatl #hotlanta
  10. finish the job by perusing an antique store on Ponce Ave. and purchasing a prehistoric camera made out of a wooden box
  11. write on your blog about it
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