My Saturday - Raw Text 1

Today I spent 5 hours at Octane in Westside. Although I there's an octane a mile away from where I live, I prefer it at Westside. Because I like that octane better and I like the west side vibe. 

I tried to bike to octane, which I love doing it, but it was so cold, I decided to ditch the torture. This was a bummer, because I love the freedom of being on a bike, and the refreshment of physical activity. In this instance, without gloves and a beanie, the suffering was not worth it. Driving it was. 

I got to octane and ordered a regular coffee for $2.50. Great price for great coffee. I prefer the mocha (duh, it's 90% chocolate) but it's $5 and I can get a refill on regular coffee for $1. Woohoo!

I sat down at the big wooden work desk and talked to my professors aid about my next test in Econ. He said it was going to be hard, dangit. 

The chairs at this work table really suck. They're nothing more than short bar stools and it kills my back. So I moved up to the bar after a few minutes. I tried to stand and work but my legs were too tired. So, I just sat on the bar stool and deal with the back pain. 

Eventually it felt better to stand while I worked on my typography. I was hired by a company in New York to design a logo, which was typography based. I designed the text "Hudson." 

Typography is really really hard for me. It intimidates me. Clean typography requires to much revision and precision. Every curve has to be perfect. It took my hours to get this right. Several hours working on two letters. Once I got the rhythm though, the process flowed smoothly. After about 3 hours of work, my typography was done and I sent it off to the client. Fingers crossed if they dig it! 

After that I walked outside and talked to a short Indian man smoking a cig. He was a pretty nice guy who taught at a high school and graduated from Georgia State. G STATE, YOU KNOW! 

I walked across the street to my favorite stationary store, the Merchant. Took a quick lap around the store because I was nervous about all my computer gear I left in Octane. Came back. It was still there. 

Then, I pulled out my notecards and started plotting out a book I want to write. Not really a book, but sorta. It's a design philosophy book. About the philosophy of design. Hah. In the book, I'll talk about design and the philosophy behind it. On a real note, I started sketching out why design is important - what it has power todo. 

It went well. I needed to start -- in a natural way. So I did. That's it. 

My day was good, partly because I was alone most of the day, which is unusual for someone with my personality type. I'm an ENTP - I get my energy from external sources, such as people. Although, today I felt inspired and in touch with my own future vision, all while being along. It sounds abstract, but its simple.

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