Friday Reads

I’m currently researching the methods and philosophies behind minimalistic design. In my research I came across a very interesting article written by Dieter Rams, one of my favorite designers.

Dieter Rams worked largely for Braun, crafting their products' form and function. Because of his work, he was followed by Apple’s head designer, Jony Ives. Interestingly, we can see clearly that Dieter Rams influenced the products we use every day!

Anyhow, the follow is a clipping from Rams’ article entitled “Omit the Unimportant.” Although the majority of the article is about his philosophy on design, he makes a bold suggestion on how to make the world better through design. 

This is the exact vision I have for Atlanta: becoming a place of creatives who don't just compete with each other, but join together and create even better things with one another. Take a second to think of this idea presented by Rams. 


You can read the rest of the article on UCLA’s website here.


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