Trust Without Borders

This weekend I attended an event and much like my Burgundy poster “epiphany” experience, I was inspired by the music. As the words “trust without borders” were sung, this concept came to mind. 

Extremely minimalist. Intensely focussed. My only purpose was to convey the escaping of boundaries, in the context of trust. 

Trust is an odd thing. Yet, its so necessary to function properly. Without trust, you are left insecure and lost. 

Think of the seat your sitting on. Did you worry that it would hold your weight? If you did, you would have to test it out and hold you breath as you go to sit. A meaningless waste of time and emotional energy.

But, dealing with people is not as simple. The more complex an object is, the harder it is to trust it, or to regain trust once lost. If a chair somehow breaks as you sit on it, you will likely blame the chair and find a suitable replacement with complete trust that the next chair will work.

But with people, the scenario goes differently. If someone we hold close betrays our trust, we will likely be skeptical of the next person that comes around. The more we get hurt, the less likely we are to trust another. 

Enough of my preaching, the point is, this simple graphic conveys a complex truth about human emotions. Thats the point of art. Not price points or profit margins. Not popularity or fame. Art in its purest form is communication. 

Preston AtteberyComment