Rad Travel: Birmingham, AL

Overall, the city of Birmingham was way more than the group and I expected. Before taking the trip, I was repeatedly asked by people why we were going to Birmingham. “What’s there?” they asked! In reality, we didn’t exactly know either. I had been told by several people that Birmingham was a trendy little town. Little did I know the secret treasures of this city stuck in the past. 

Upon driving into the city, I was amazed at the size of the old buildings. Unlike many of Atlanta’s historical buildings that were burnt by Gen. Sherman during the Civil War, the ancient buildings of Birmingham stood nearly as tall as the recently developed corporate high rises. Wells Fargo, Regions, and AT&T were about the only modern day buildings in the city. For the most part, the city of Birmingham is comprised of remarkably tall brick buildings. For instance, the City Federal Building, which is now a condominium, was built in 1913 and stands 27 stories above the city. The John Hand Building shares its height and age. 

I loved the allure of these buildings and the irresistible challenge to get on top of them, but it was the people I traveled with that made each simple activity extraordinarily fun. Andrew, Garrett, Cbass, Hope, Alexis, and Rachel each added their own element to this trip. They are, most definitely, my family! Andrew is the “engaging father” of the group. Garrett the “cheerful energy." Cbass “quiet observer.” Hope the “fearless adventurer.” Alexis the “soft sister.” Rachel the “stable giver.” They are all terrific! Wherever you travel, bring those life-giving friends, and you will find enjoyment no matter where you go. 


Places to visit:

coffee: Revelator Coffee Co: 1826 3rd Avenue North, Unit 101

dinner: Mug Shots Grill & Bar: 2311 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N

park: Railroad Park: 1600 1st Avenue

landmark: Sloss Furnaces: 20 32nd St N

museum: Birmingham Museum of Art: 2000 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard

easy access parking garage: 2024 2nd Ave N

hill top view: Warwick Dr

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