Community Poll: What does Atlanta mean to you?

I want to hear from you! What does Atlanta mean to you? What's on the horizon for this city? How has it impacted you personally? 

Here's what I think!

Atlanta. There's a certain heartbeat here that no city can replicate. This creative uprising. A place with rich food culture, rich coffee and an even richer connection that draws all of these together. Atlanta has certain vibe that residents adopt when they come into the city. Its relaxed yet ambitious - tolerant yet high standing. Atlanta is a place for the thriving artist, the exhausted student, young professional, and old retired.

For me, Atlanta is only as good as its people and the communities they make up. That's our story. Our buildings, our shops, our restaurants are terrific, but they're only as good as those who frequent them. We are what we build to enjoy together. Foster Atl, We Love Atl, Octane coffee - all places that draw people together through a beautiful craft - the art of community building. This is Atlanta!


Submit your thoughts in the box directly below and I'll post our community's responses!

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