Thoughts on Simple City


I look at these buildings now and I see the history behind them. I feel so connected to my city simply because I know more about it - that's what I want for every Atlanta citizen. To see these buildings but see past the concrete, and into the lives that built them, the ones who paved the streets we walk on today. That's all simple city is about. It's you and the city getting better acquainted. 


Simple City is merely a conversation starter about Atlanta. What is this city? What can I contribute here?

The sooner you make this place your home, the sooner you find ways to make it even better. We each have some way, any way that we can improve Atlanta. 

My way is through design, but it's not the only way. It's a way, and it's the way I will continue to use to reach the city. 

For me, design is a complex, beautiful medium of communication. When I spend the time illustrating a building hundreds pass by daily, I'm encouraging others to stop and look. I'm communicating to them, that I love that building, and perhaps because of that, they'll take one more second to look up each time they pass. 

Today it's Simple City. Perhaps tomorrow it'll be something entirely different. Find your way and do that. Not only does Atlanta need it, it wants it. 


Simple City is simply buildings of Atlanta. Buildings that inherently don't have much value, but become invaluable when considering those who step in them each day. Those who built them. Buildings represent cities. We are known by our skyline, but not because of the buildings themselves, because what those buildings house - what they foster. Because what's found inside the buildings are things that have and are continually changing this world. So yes, today is all about buildings. Simple illustrations of my favorite buildings. But soon, we will see the value they bring to this city about to erupt.


Everybody has an Atlanta story. Some meaningful. Some simple. Some profound. I love simple city because it tells that story - at least for me. The Atlanta Skyline print tells the story of me as a kid. Before I moved to the city, my brother had my mom drive to this specific area to take photos. With my iPod touch, I tried to take this time-lapse shot with some janky app. It failed, but it didn’t matter. This was my first time experiencing Jackson Street bridge - one of Atlanta’s most visited spots. People have sat for hours to get the best shot. Others have gotten their own photo taken. People have proposed, begged for money, walked by with friends. This bridge has a million stories, including my own. And telling the story all starts with a poster on the wall. “Hey, remember that time we…” This simple thing, I love about the Simple City project.