Thoughts on Simple City + Maps

Here in Atlanta, we take our city pride seriously. Over the years, we’ve seen the fledgling art scene be furthered by friends and acquaintances alike. Foster Atlanta, We Love Atl, and Plywood have all shown us that the Atlanta creative community is both powerful, helpful, and friendly. 

Simple City is a furthering of this vision - bringing people together to celebrate the city of Atlanta and those who created it. We started with simple illustrations of Atl buildings, now PA co presents Simple City Maps - illustrated maps of Atlanta’s most popular spots. They’re refreshingly minimal - yet packed with detail and fun Atlanta information. 

Our vision was to provide Atlanta with simple, beautiful artwork while informing people of the very best places to shop, eat, and get to know the city. 

If you’ve ever lived outside the city, you know, upon coming to Atlanta you don’t realize how many beautiful, eclectic areas of town there are. You have the newly refurbished, yet distinctly urban Westside. Travel East and you’ll come across Atlanta’s first planned suburb and now bustling community center of Inman Park. Now with Ponce City market thriving, Ponce De Leon Avenue has become one of Atlanta’s must-see spots. 

With each map, we included demographic, geographic, and historical information on every area. You’ll learn that Ponce is just down the street from MLK’s birth home. You’ll see that Westside Provisions was once a meat-packing plant and owned by the Swift Company. All this, as it simply hangs on your wall adds interest to the space. 

To see the complete collection - you’ll have to come by Citizen Supply on February 26th for our grand unveil. It’s going to be a very special night of celebration, Atlanta-art, and music. We’ve teamed up with the very talented people behind Citizen Supply to offer Atlanta a unique art experience. We can’t say much more, but we really hope to see you in a few short days!

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